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2 Presets to go

Two of my most used presets in a good to go way

Back in february i did a little write up on 2 of my most used presets on DKFUJIX site, a danish website for the awesome pure danish group for Fujifilm X users, i decide to copy it over here and in a more broad language to share with you.

Has for some years used Lightroom and have been satisfied, primary because i was a Nikon user and the files were as they should be. When I switched to Fujifilm, I thought generally that the files were not as they should, color and sharpness, just was not as I wanted, it ended up that I looked at Phase One’s Capute One Pro 7 at that time, today we are into the amazong version 9 thougt i still use version 8.3.4 Capture One is my primary RAW converter where LR is to catalog, because I still had the catalog there.

Lightroom is still with me but mostly as a catalog and then because i got these awesome presets from VSCO and Archipelago. These are film presets that are reasonably close to the film back from a time that is not quite forgotten, click on the link and take a closer look on them. Archipelago is made from the persons behind Looks Like Film who also have Facebook group VSCO FILM USERS. I have fallen totally for their series Loren X Chris they fit well and that I’ve created a custom I will share with you which is color. Likewise VSCO who is up for 7 Packs now, thought pack 6 is my to go pack and is divided into two units, Tungsten and Push & Pull, it is from the Push & Pull series I made a black and white preset from which is based on Tri-X.

A update since the write on DKFUJIX.
m still using CO yes total lazy of me not to upgradet to version 9, well it would happen i may when im back home from Iceland. Lightroom is still my prefered catalog, just love that when im done with sessions i import RAF and Tif files into a catalog and can later on do a re’edit if i like with VSCO or Archipelago, yes i know its lazy to that i not use CO for catalog, but mayby one day.

Model on cover picture is Kastalia known as KAS more of her here.

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Allan Bramsen

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10 thoughts on “2 Presets to go

    1. Hey Michal
      Well i know its kind a misleading, but no these presets are for Lightroom, i still use CO for my primary work but no lightroom, but lightroom is for my street and some model sessions, there i love LXC and VSCO, therefor i made these to to go presets that will hold my style on the go.

  1. Hey there! I just want to thank you for these presets. I’m in love with LXC but there’s no way I will pay $75 for only 6 presets. Thanks again my friend. Hope to have more presets like these someday.

    1. Thank you Leo!
      Well LXC is every penny worth it i almost only use LXC these days, try pull out Orange in saturation and lighten them in luminance and then push the White slider up that should give a nice look in skintones.

  2. Dear Bramsen it start to work for me better. i wash curve a little adjust basic in capture one then apply lxc preset at tif. could you try. maybe you can create better style in capture one for futher grading with some tribe preset. thanks in advance

    1. Hey Michael, LXC is made for Lightroom, so it would be hard to do in Capture One, but you know what i’ll give it a try and see if i can do LXC as CO Styles, but need to have the time, its a bussy month and december to, Cheers.

      1. thank you very much :). today tribe redleaf announced versiob as action. this might be a chance for capture one users

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