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On 28. januar 2019 In Color, Dark, Themed


Allan Bramsen

A spontaneous serie that suppose to be only one model…

Months later i had shoot around 20 models with same lightning in different poses, they would where lingerie that had to has lace, white or black, even a rose pastel color could do it. Triangle in arms or legs was a must for me.

I don’t have any behind the scenes photo of setup, but here are some sort of explanation of lightning and a Strobox diagram.

Idea was like the first picture in Black & White, a couch, model leaning against it and then some sort of contrasty light.

Light is placed camera left and feather almost above head on model, actually im almost under it as well, behind model in couch there is a Black Foam Board, on camera right there is a black V-Flat, light was to begin with in a large 150 cm. Octa with grid, but after that i used a 180 cm. Black Umbrella with white inner layer, it worked so much better and produced a better light for me, and it was lighter then the Octa.
A Godox AD200 was used with bulb, and a small reflector dish, wide the light more evenly.

So here they are, a bunch of those i liked best, all shot on Fujifilm X-H1 with the 16-55 f/2.8, a great combo that just work so nice.

Allan Bramsen

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