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Instagram, photographers can’t live without it.

Instagram why do we need it and have good is it ?

5 reasons why you need to be on it and fellow fujifilm photographers to follow.

Instagram, is my preferred platform beside facebook to promote my work, why ? Well i just love it, first time i was on it was when it was just released i downloaded the app for my smartphone and was just curious what it was. I think i was looking for the right app, social media to put my everyday photography on and connect and follow other photographers around the world, i sure did find a media i did love, but there was in the beginning some awkward things, like it had to be in 1:1 square format, you had to crop those beautiful pictures you did, but over the years it changes so now there is no more reason for cropping and a lot of features have been added.

I will here give you 5 reasons to use it and why i do it.

  1. Its Social Not can you only show you pictures, but you can share them with Twitter, Facebook and more, it even has it own social network, people can follow and like pictures even comment.
  2. Instagram is free Yes! its free, no paying or anything there.
  3. Photographers already there and there is a lot of them, even the big pro ones you like so much and yes of course also the companies for the gear and camera bodies are there.
  4. Its visual There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story.  Period. Instagram introduces itself as:   “a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.”
  5. Inspiration it’s a huge source for it, i find myself really inspired by many of the photographers on it.

A photo posted by NATHAN ELSON (@nathanelson) on

A photo posted by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

Theses 4 photographers above are those foreign photographers i find my myself in a eager to see work from on occasions.

  • Nathan Elson well this dude is awesome, he’s a Fujifilm X-Photographer and pleasant to listen to and also not in the way for answer question regarding to photography, his Black & White work is totally awesome, also love the way he do lightning on people, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube.
  • Peter Coulson He is just a master in Black & White, he is shooting mostly Hasselblad, but also other brands, first time i saw some of his work was with his project “In My Pants” Those pictures is so awesome and he is a provocative photographer who i really admire and is been inspired by, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Web.
  • Chris Burkard That man is also a must if you do landscape and travel photography, he is you and inspiring in all ways, i think hes pictures speaks for themself, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube.
  • Peter Hurley The man who almost if not did invent the famous headshot, i really like him his loud, but it’s ok he got his words out and people are listening to him, should i do something for living it will be headshots, its actually easy to push trigger and setup lightning, but to get the subject to pose is much worse, Peter he is doing it flawless, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube.

Next up Fujifilm X-Photographers who i admire.

A photo posted by Jonas Rask (@jonas.rask) on

A photo posted by Zack Arias (@zarias) on

These 4 photographers above are those X-Photographers i find my myself inspired by, their portrait and street style.

  • Jonas Rask is one of Denmark’s best street photographers if you ask me and many others, his style and approach to this genre is crazy to see him work is a major inspiration, also he have done product shots for Fujifilm and its eminent if you aske me, he is kind a hero i think, go check him out on Instagram Twitter Web.
  • Palle Schultz is doing a portrait style of pictures i really like, he is doing it very well and also he is a MMA photographer and man he can really get some nice shots, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Web.
  • Kevin Mullins is a british wedding photographer, he’s style is documentary as he describe “a documentary wedding photographer should be all about telling a story.  For me, it’s about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your wedding day.” Go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Web.
  • Zack Arias the man with the beard, the man in the music industry, he is doing street and music photography also he have done a video about crop vs. full frame, go check him out on Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube.

That’s the roundup on why i think you should use instagram and a little about the 8 people i follow most. Please feel free to comment and share this.

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