What more than a spontaneity of a shoot with this curvy model, Agniesska, she is a new face curvy, plussy, plus size model, yes it has many names, you can find her on Instagram here.
Im so fortunet that she is living close to me and we done some sessions now and must say she is tha bomb to work with, always fresh and straight out.

We came up with this idea of coffee, soft light, and nothing to a little makeup, just to get this home feeling, lifestyle kind a blog thing. Well i think we did it, we love these pictures, the thing we just point and shoot and rest is up to the camera, kind of a reminder of what the analog 135 film days was.

Well in all this was fun and awesome and productive with a lot of fun, just love to work with her. Hope you enjoy this as much as i did, until next time time take care.

These are straight out of camera JPEG shot with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/2 Acros+R High +2 Shad +2.
EXIF: f/1.2-1.4-1.8-2.0 | 1/125 sec. & 1/400 sec. | ISO 200-320
Allan Bramsen

Author Allan Bramsen

Fotografering for mig er en måde at fange tid og et øjeblik, mennesker er mit fortrukne emne, jeg elsker portrætter der fortæller mig en historie, det at være kreativ med lyset om det er kunstig eller er det som kommer igennem et vindue, så ser jeg mig selv som en historiefortæller i billeder.

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