Sometimes Print, just print.

Sometimes you just need to put pictures on print and get them up on the wall, i am really bad to do this and every time i print for customers, i think why the heck dont i print some of my stuff ? Travel especially, i have been to Iceland in april 2016 and Berlin and got plenty of pictures to put on print.

So this is december and why not when you got a good Photopusher who print on Luster paper for a cheap price, well these are some of them i put on print from this years two lovely trips, and i promise my self that 2017 there will be more travel.

Above is 4 pictures im really happy with, they will be printet in 18×24 cm. and picture only 13×18 cm. in center, why not bigger, well i love that size and they fit so nice in IKEA’s Ribba frames, next up is Iceland pictures, they are almost printet same way some of them are 18×24 cm. and other 40×50 cm. again framed in IKEA’s Ribba.

Well not do i only print the pictures i also do a photo book from Blurb, actually i do 3 books, Iceland, Berlin and Portfolio with the best portraits i have done in 2016. More on best portraits in another blog, until then keep shooting and remember to print, and dont use the cheap services, use a local and good print service one with calibrated machines, one who got some good quality paper, i use Bech in Hellerup Denmark, best service ever.

Allan Bramsen

Author Allan Bramsen

Fotografering for mig er en måde at fange tid og et øjeblik, mennesker er mit fortrukne emne, jeg elsker portrætter der fortæller mig en historie, det at være kreativ med lyset om det er kunstig eller er det som kommer igennem et vindue, så ser jeg mig selv som en historiefortæller i billeder.

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